Our Policy

Photo courtesy of the Community Flood Watch Project (NYSG, SRIJB).

What We're Fighting For

A Plan

Establish regional and state-wide planning frameworks for advancing comprehensive resilience; integrate resilience into how and where we build infrastructure and where we retrofit or relocate.

Funding and Jobs

Establish reliable, robust long-term sources of funding for flood resilience and green, well-paying jobs; leverage investments toward integrated flood protection, ecosystem restoration, and workforce development that puts our region to work building a resilient future for our communities.

And An Approach That Is


Pass enforceable flood risk disclosure laws to help us plan for our futures and build awareness about risk. It’s our right to know.

Equitable and Just

Improve the resilience of public and private housing developments and infrastructure while building new high quality public and affordable housing on higher ground. Develop a forward-looking and proactive approach to effectively reducing risk, considering need and equity in distribution of funds. Ensure retreat and relocation strategies are viable and just.

Green and Blue

Invest and plan for ecological resilience, monitoring, and restoration so that our communities, wildlife, and ecosystems are healthy for generations to come. Prioritize natural and nature-based solutions to climate change and sea-level rise, especially those that restore floodplains and ecosystems, and provide public access and open space.

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